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The Magical World of Lumiere London

Living in this city has it's perks because no matter which borough you live in, you will always find some amazing sights on your doorstep.  Let's ignore the fox poop or whatever the neighbour's cat had for breakfast for now.  I'm talking about the city's historical sites, those grand old museums and galleries, or a royal park or two, and of course we have the river and everything either side of it.  There is always something going on in this city, and sometimes, as many locals like to point out - you  don't need to spend money to enjoy it.
Recently, our city was transformed into a magical world of glittering lights and artistry that held us spellbound in the evenings over the course of a weekend. Thanks to the Arts Council England, and many generous sponsors,  Lumiere London was bought to life.

Across six locations, all easily accessible by tube, we had 51 amazing art installations for the public to enjoy.  And, hats off to all the artists involved, honestly t…

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