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Spring time in London

What's pink and white and fluffy all over?  No, not quite unicorns - but close.  London has blossomed, literally for the past two months and we've hit saturation point on Instagram with all the pink and white posts but, come on  - it's SPRING.  Who doesn't love flowers?  Beautiful blooms are one of my obsessions and if there's a florist, or market stall in the vicinity, I'll probably have my face stuck in it.

Spring time in this city is lovely - that air of anticipation in the mornings - birds tweeting, clear blue skies, and everyone seems to be humming.  So when the pavements are lined with blossoms, well, you know - you want to skip a little.  It's okay, nobody is watching.  And if they are, who cares? Do it!

I've been doing a little spring cleaning on the blog and discovered some cool new templates - this layout, I think fits my mood right now.  Let me know what you think!  With the new season, I'll be blogging freestyle - it's open season o…

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