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Saving Aleppo - How You Can Help

If you have struggled to comprehend the images and stories about Aleppo over the past week, you are not alone. I have been transfixed of late. It is difficult to fathom the terrifying nights and days that children and families have endured over the past few days, let alone five years.

Through all the stories I've seen, what has struck me most, is the number of small children being evacuated. Older siblings taking on their parent's role, makeshift families where people have been thrown together after their homes have been destroyed; all now homeless in desolate streets under desperate conditions. So many displaced in a barely recognisable place, in neighbourhoods which seem more akin to a dsytopian landscape. 
The UN Refugee Agency tells us that there are 4.8 million refugees scattered across several countries in the region and globally, and a further 8.7 million Syrians displaced internally. Last Tuesday, the UN has voted to put monitors in place as observers for the Eastern…

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